Smart Spaces

smart office

Smart Office

We utilize machine learning and tracking technology to provide an intelligent office environment for monitoring assets and occupancy condition in real time. This is ideal for monitoring the state and position of objects of interest, as well as providing insights into the frequency of such occurences. Examples include object tracking, anti-theft, and placement reminders.

smart home with different devices

Smart Home

Our Smart Home Assistant enables the latest AI technologies to make your personal life a more pleasant experience. Typically, these assistants are designed to use voice for smart home devices (IoT). We make use of Speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and other machine learning technologies so that homeowners can control their home devices on voice command. Our product

smart retail

Smart Retail

There are numerous opportunities for retailers to improve their user experience and business operations by using AI technologies such as object tracking, speech recognition and machine learning. Smart retail can perform a variety of automated functions, such as real-time inventory count for both you and your customers, tracking the movement of items in sales areas, and an in-depth analysis of customer shopping behaviors.

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