A Tool for Behaviour Modelling and Activity Tracking of Fishes

BeMAcT is an educational tool created to track the trajectory and behavior of fish over time. We created this tool as a means of introducing students, professionals, and non-professionals to the basics of AI via Computer Vision and Machine Learning. BeMAcT is also a great observational tool to understanding STEM concepts such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • Tool to learn AI Concepts in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

BeMAct provides a hands-on experience and an introduction to concepts of Computer Vision by stripping the concept to its bare minimum components. We take out the complexities and jargon a traditional course would teach, allowing students to internalize these concepts without needing to deal with any algorithm-heavy explanations.

  • Tool to teach STEM Subjects

By examining fishes, we can also utilize BeMAcT to analyze the STEM concepts at play. For example, do fish sleep? Which fish swims the fastest? At what time? How is the acidity of the environment? How much influence does light have? All of these are observable concepts that can provide a space for students to make a prediction, experiment, analyze results, and draw a conclusion.


Learn AI

Students Learn

We understand that schools, facilities, and institutions have many methodologies of teaching. Hence we offer two types of courses:

  • AI Training Course for STEM

This course is for those who would like to have an introduction to AI concepts such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. We focus primarily on AI education while applying these technqiues to STEM concepts as a means of observation and learning.


  • STEM Training Course for AI

This course takes on a STEM-centric approach to teach students about STEM while introducting how AI can enhance the observation and learning process. We focus on aiding those who choose to follow more conventional education formats and enable students to further learn with the capabilities of BeMAcT.


AI Lab

Multiple Experiments and Invaluable Experiences

We offer services in regards to setting up for schools and facilities, both for Primary and Secondary schools. For more information, please contact us.

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