EAI Joins “Learning & Teaching Expo 2023” Launches Variety of AI Laboratory Equipment and Courses

Education Bureau’s “Module on Artificial Intelligence for Junior Secondary Level”
Expected to Drive Demand for AI Courses in Primary and Secondary Schools

(Hong Kong, 27 December 2023) Expert AI Enabling Limited (“EAI”), a subsidiary of Expert Systems Holdings Limited (“Expert Systems” or the “Group”, HKEX stock code: 8319), a leading information technology (IT) and innovation company in the Asia-Pacific region, recently participated in the “Learning & Teaching Expo 2023” to showcase its diverse range of artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory equipment and related courses – “Laboratory For AI Teaching And Learning” (LAITAL).

The “Learning & Teaching Expo” is a leading education event in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, it has received strong support from the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR and the education community. It serves as an important platform for global education suppliers to showcase innovative AI technologies, virtual learning resources, IT hardware and software, STEAM and innovative learning materials, etc. Taking advantage of this annual event in the education sector, EAI presented to education professionals its LAITAL course, a collaboration program established with Lenovo Hong Kong. The course provides a diverse range of scenarios, including Smart Health Care, Smart Retail, Smart Home and Smart Office, allowing students to experience different AI applications in everyday life. The course is divided into three levels and is suitable for students at different levels in primary and secondary schools. Upon completion of the course, students will receive an official certificate issued by Lenovo Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Government has been actively promoting STEAM education in recent years. The Education Bureau announced the introduction of the “Module on Artificial Intelligence for Junior Secondary Level” in the 2023/24 academic year, which covers topics on AI basics and ethics, computer vision, computer speech and language, virtual reality, robotics, societal impact and future of work, etc. It aims to cultivate students’ interest in and capability of learning innovation and technology from an early age. EAI anticipates a growing demand for AI-related courses among primary and secondary school students as the module is adopted.

In addition to the LAITAL course, EAI has launched a short-term AI course, “A Firsthand Experience of Practical AI”, to provide teachers and students with experience of the upcoming “Module on Artificial Intelligence for Junior Secondary Level” in advance. Participants will learn the basic concepts of AI and reallife applications of relevant technologies, stimulating their interest in the field of AI and preparing them for the new module.

Mr. Andy Lau, CEO and Executive Director of Expert Systems, said, “EAI is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase our latest AI laboratory equipment and related courses at the ‘Learning & Teaching Expo 2023’. We have established a cooperation plan with Lenovo Hong Kong to become its partner in an AI education plan, under which both parties will jointly launch more advanced and competitive AI-related education products and courses to cultivate more outstanding AI talent. With the support of the Hong Kong Government, AI-related courses are expected to see significant growth and demand. Our team is well prepared to seize the tremendous development opportunities ahead.”

Dr. Keith Chan, Chief Technology Officer of EAI (left) and Mr. Andy Lau, CEO and Executive Director of Expert Systems (right)

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