AI seminar AI and The Risk of Extinction 2023

AI Seminar and Briefing Session for Creative AI Competition 2023

AI 專題講座「人工智能的滅絕風險?! 」暨「創意 AI 應用大賽 2023」簡介會

  • 日期:2023 7 4 日(星期二)
  • 時間:15:00-17:00
  • 地點:九龍深水埗英華街一號「英華書院 C602 室(InnoLab)」
  • 報名:

早前(2022-03-08) AiTLE 曾與 Expert System 合辦「AiTLE x Expert Systems:「人工智能的現況和前景及如何建立一個人工智能實驗室」網絡研討會」,當中探討 AI 的發展對人類的影響。
不足一年,便出現 ChatGPT,從而對社會各行各業有著翻天覆地的轉變。這些全賴大型語言模型的進步,使得像 ChatGPT 這樣的聊天機器人得以開發。
同時,會為一個由 AiTLE, Expert AI Enabling, Lenovo 及海洋公園合辦的人工智能比賽:「創意 AI 應用大賽 2023」,向同工們提供有關比賽的更多細節,並解釋小學和中學生如何從活動中學習人工智慧和保育。

「創意 AI 應用大賽 2023」簡介
前大學教授,現為 Expert AI Enabling Limited 顧問,從事 AI 教研 25 年,曾發表超過 300 篇學術論文並入選斯坦福大學人工智能及圖像處理全球前 2% 頂尖科學家榜單。

Topic: AI and The Risk of Extinction
Date: 4-Jul-2023 15:00 – 17:00
Venue: Ying Wa College
Enrolment :

Recent advancements in large language models have allowed such chatbots as ChatGPT to be developed. As AI continues to evolve, it raises both excitement and apprehension about its potential impact on our society. Recently, a group of industry leaders and scientists warned that the AI technology they were building might one day pose an existential threat to humanity and should be considered a societal risk on a par with pandemics and nuclear wars. While it is not clear if such risk can be mitigated, the existential risk of some forms of wildlife can be salvaged by means of AI. To promote the importance of wildlife conservation, EAI has teamed up with Lenovo with the support of the Ocean Park and AiTLE to organize an AI competition for this purpose. In this talk, we will provide more details of the competition and explain how primary and secondary students can learn about both AI and conservation from the event.

– The Statement on AI Risk.
– AI for conservation: A Competition.
– Risk of human extinction and AI mitigation.
– Teaching and learning AI: Why, When, What, and How,
– A school AI Lab and the experiments in the lab.

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