A Tool for Behaviour Modelling and Activity Tracking of Fishes

How fast does a fish swim on average? What do fish do at night that they don’t do during the day? You can spend time watching a fish swim all day or reviewing footage that you’ve taken, but we have a better solution…

AI Enabling?

Our company itself is named in pursuit of one simple goal: AI Enabling.

Our Technology

Our Technology

Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Speech Recognition | Natural Language Processing | Computer Vision | АI Optimization | Neural Networks | ChatGPT | Open CV | Stable Diffusion | Rоbоtiс Process Automation | Data Analytics |Uncertainty Management | Knowledge Engineering

Our Solutions

Сyber Defence | Education | Chatbots | Data Security | Identifies Unknown Threats | Personalized Shopping | AI-Powered Assistants | Fraud Prevention | Voice Assistants | Spam Filters | Facial Recognition | Finance | STEAM Tool | STEAM Teaching | Customer Service | Virtual Agent | Biometrics

Our Service

Our Services

Professional Consultancy | Advisory | Education | Teaching | Learning | Evaluation | Recommendation | courses | Corporate Education | Boost Camp

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